Salvation Army Bell Ringing Season is Here!


The Salvation Army Kettle Campaign

“Doing the Most Good”

The Teller County Salvation Army Kettle Campaign is such a vital part of our community I cannot imagine not having it.  Aside from the obvious benefits to the clients in need who come to us seeking support with utility bills, rent assistance, lodging, medical needs, car repairs, and so on; the Kettle Campaign is part of the fabric of our community.  It is a tapestry of holiday goodness represented in the welcoming smile of the bell ringer.  The Kettle has come to symbolize hope during difficult times.  It has been a beacon of light calling to many who stop to share tales of when they relied upon the Salvation Army to help them through the dark times.  It is nearly as important to create the opportunity for people to give, as it is to give hope to the individuals in need.

The Kettle Campaign is a time for representatives of organizations community-wide to come together for this great good.  The Rotary Club has inspired and invited other service organizations, private businesses, neighbors and friends to join in this effort. Kiwanians, Habitat for Humanity volunteers, government officials, law enforcement representatives, fire fighters, youth groups, school kids, faith families, and so many others recognize the way bell ringing and “doing the most good” builds community.  It levels the playing field as we see beyond our differences and emphasize our similarities.  It reaches places in our hearts we carefully guard the rest of the year.  It is this one activity that becomes a catalyst of action. It is a canvas upon which we paint the colors of our own humanness.  It defines goodness.

My favorite thing about ringing the bell is having the opportunity to be completely immersed in the community I love, to share with others the joy of the season, and to see the great good in everyone during this blessed time of year.

So, to all my friends and colleagues in the Rotary Club: and all who weather these Teller County winters to ring the bell, you have made this an event that engages the whole community. You’ve made this an event that brings service organizations, businesses and individuals together.  You’ve made it fun, and yes, even cool to be a bell ringer.  You are enthusiastic!  Most of all your efforts call others to see the greatness of the human spirit, the beauty of living in Teller County, the value of each life, and the change that can take place in the heart of another by giving them hope.

My sincerest thanks to the Rotary Club, and to all the bell ringers who work so hard to ease the burden of our neighbors in their time of need.  Please consider joining us in this amazing Christmas tradition. To sign up for a bell ringing shift, please visit our webpage here:

Ted Borden

Chairman, Teller County Salvation Army


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