What People Are Saying About the Aspen Mine Center

My name is Brandy and I'm a single mom living in Teller County. After the Cripple Creek Care Center closed its doors in June of 2022, I decided to advance my career and go back to school for a nursing degree. After I started my first semester, I ran into a problem paying for some of my tuition. I went to the Aspen Mine Center for some guidance/help and met with Denise who is part of the Adult Learning Program. After talking with her and an interview with Annie at the school, they were able to help me with paying the full balance of what I owed. I am truly grateful for this program as i wouldn't have been able to continue going to school to earn my degree without paying this off by the next semester. I am currently passing my classes with A's. I can't thank Denise and Annie enough. This program is truly a lifesaver and I recommend anyone who is interested in furthering their education to go talk to these  ladies and get yourself headed on the path to success.

Brandy V

I want to express my appreciation to the Pikes Peak Workforce Center in Cripple Creek and to Brent Kennedy in particular. After trying and trying to sign up for unemployment benefits, and being discouraged by what to me was a difficult platform to navigate, I gave up. When financial anxiety exceeded anxiety navigating the claim process, I met with Brent at the Workforce Center and I am so glad I did. Without his help I would have never succeeded. Thank you for making help available!


I was laid off last August 2022. Feeling lost and a bit worthless, I joined the PP Workforce Center in Teller County, where reside. I met with a job coach named Denise W. (who works out of Aspen Mine Center West in Cripple Creek and Woodland Park weekly), who lifted my spirits, got me motivated, took time to help me with with job searches and updating my resumes, and found her to be extremely knowledgeable. In November, I began employment with Teller County DHS. I'll never forget her kindness and patience! - Thank you, Denise!!

Suzanne W.

They will do the best they can to help you with more than what's required, so please remember to be kind, patient, and respectful.


If you need help with anything, this is the place to get it. Amazing staff with a wide variety of resources.

Rebecca E.

This place is one of the jewels of Cripple Creek. The people are caring and very helpful. Just a great bunch of people who are there to help those in need. Thank You!

Daniel A.

The Aspen Mine center is an invaluable resource for Cripple Creek and the larger community... An excellent first point of contact for anyone requiring information or assistance with a huge variety of social, technical, or housing issues. I simply love the bakery/coffee shop and free, fast WiFi! Please support this community life line by donating your time or by visiting their shop across the street.

Jason T.

Really great resource center of community services. Ted, the Director, is a very knowledgeable, caring person.

Doug R.

This place changes every time I come back, except for the way everyone there wants to help others. Glad that little town still has people around with such big hearts.

Kristin B.

Well; to begin with, Aspen Mine Center provides vital assistance to those in need. They really helped me out when I needed clothes for a new job, after business hours. With a 'donation requested' lunch on Wednesday, conveniently located near a place to catch a shuttle. The staff are friendly and helpful, but Workforce does not seem eager to help. Also serves as a public meeting Hall to the town of Cripple Creek, Victor, and Goldfield area!

Stop by and see the thrift shop, across the street... They've got some pretty good deals...

Joe L.

Help for the needy. The staff is on your side. God bless them. 5 stars.

David H.

Wonderful folks at the little thrift store and lots of treasures. I was thrilled to come away with a lot of affordable, useful, and fun items. Definitely a highlight of Cripple Creek ♡♡♡

Chrystal M