Hello! My name is Erik Olson and I’m so excited to bring local addiction support to Aspen Mine Center each week. I’m a peer coach for Face It TOGETHER, an addiction wellness nonprofit. We’re partnering with Aspen Mine Center to bring free, in-person peer coaching to the Cripple Creek area. Our support is 100% confidential, evidence-based and available for anyone impacted by alcohol or other drugs.


I struggled with my own cycle of addiction for 20 years. I finally decided to start treatment for alcohol and marijuana on my 11th wedding anniversary. I always heard people say it’s amazing what you can do in recovery, but I never thought it would be possible for me. I live in Florissant, CO with my wife and three kids. I love spending my free time outside hiking, ATVing and taking pictures.


If you’re being negatively impacted by alcohol or other drugs, I hope you’ll reach out for free support. I’ll be here at Aspen Mine Center every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Let’s face it better, TOGETHER.

Check out our website here:  https://www.wefaceittogether.org/

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