Director’s Corner by Ted Borden

Directors Corner 

One of the greatest parts of my job as Director of Community of Caring is working alongside some of the most amazing and dedicated staff I have ever known.  In our “all-staff” meeting this week I was struck in a most profound way by their compassion and commitment.  As many of you who are familiar with the services and mission of the Aspen Mine Center’s know, at the core of everything we do is “building trusting relationships in order to create a better and healthier community.”  We experience, along with the families and clients we serve, the phenomenal positive change that takes place when relationships are forged from foundations of mutual respect and a commitment to positive growth.  As our case management team pointed out this week, sometimes all that clients and families need is steadfast support, encouragement and the tools to foster change.  This foundation creates a stable base, a platform from which to build a better life.  It is an action oriented process.  It requires commitment, hard work and often times, difficult change. In the end it is a client of family’s perseverance, resilience and small successes that propel them forward and gives them the confidence and momentum to continue on their journey to stability and success.  It is inspiring for our entire team to witness and be part of this success!

Taking the first steps toward living a healthier and better life is often scary.  I am proud of our staff for fostering courage in our clients, empowering them with practical tools and having the compassion to nudge them forward when they are stuck.  Most times it is not the doing that is difficult for our clients and families, it is the fear of change and the anticipation of the task ahead that is stifling.

So in this post I am celebrating the great team that inspires me every day through their unwavering commitment to the clients they serve, as well as the clients and families who find the courage to ask for help, and have the resilience to overcome barriers and obstacles in order to build a better and healthier life.  We know that the success and health of communities and neighborhoods all over the world depend upon the success and health of the families and neighbors who live there.  In the end, we are all in this together, just good folks living in a great place, helping each other to be the best version of ourselves and to building the best community in our corner of the world.

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