Butte Theater Partners with Aspen Mine Center for Cross-Promotions

We’ve always been huge fans of the Butte Theater and all it means to our community. And they have always supported us in many ways whenever we asked a favor.

We thought, “We’re right across across the street from them! Why not help each other out on a permanent basis?” Just one short chat with Zack Sztanyo, Butte The­ater Manager, made it happen. We became a Butte sponsor, receiving mentions promoting our Gift & Thrift Shoppe at the beginning of every show. In turn, a Butte ad is now featured in every newsletter, increasing their outreach. And for openers, show us your Butte ticket stub at our Gift Shoppe and get a 10% discount off your entire purchase. Sweet! We’re now working on ways Gift Shoppe purchases can get you valuable spiffs at the Butte.

See the Theater’s current fall ’23 shows below and support the Butte!

– Terry Smith

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