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Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Contact the Aspen Mine Center
Phone: 719-689-3584

Book Exchange Library at Cripple Creek, Aspen Mine Center

The AMC Exchange Library

Help with fruitfully filling those quiet hours…

There are few things in life more comforting than curling up with a good book. Aspen Mine Center’s Book Exchange Library has shelves full of comfort just waiting for you.

Whether it’s a chilly winter’s night, a warm summer’s day under the cool shade of a stately tree or anywhere in between, the companionship of a good book makes for a wonderfully relaxing pastime.

People in our community generously donate reading and viewing material of all kinds to the Book Exchange. The public is encouraged and welcome to take their chosen subjects home with them to enjoy.

You’ll also find a fine selection of DVD and VHS tape movies for your enjoyment

Romance, mystery, historical epics, biographies, science fiction, fantasy, art and travel photo collections and so much more…a world of knowledge, adventure and entertainment at your fingertips, free for the asking

Children’s books for your kids, too, just for fun or to help expand their minds, broaden their horizons and discover the joys of reading

Your selections come with a complimentary custom AMC bookmark, handy and helpful

We ask that you return your books so that others can enjoy them as you have

What We Do

Programs & Services

Everything from food, clothing to financial assistance can be found at the Aspen Mine Center. Whatever your needs come visit us and see if we can help. Click on the image below to go to our services page to see what programs are available.

Donate to the Community of Caring Aspen Mine Center in Cripple Creek, CO

Partner Resources

The Aspen Mine Center has a number community partners that provide resources for a variety of needs such as mental and physical health, food, transportation, and social services. Click the image below to find out more about our partner agencies.

Emergency Resource Assistance

Depending on what situation you might have, we can often provide a safety net for you and your family’s basic needs. Click on the image below to go to our Client Case Management page to learn more about the types of assistance they can provide.

See Other Programs

Thrift Store & Gift Shoppe

Clothes Closet at the Aspen Mine Center in Cripple Creek

Providing a green resource for clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, and other household items. Visit us to see our selection or shop online!

Food Pantry

Food Pantry in Cripple Creek at Aspen Mine Center

Make sure no one in the community goes hungry this year, by donating to the food pantry. We make sure all bellies are full and happy.

Client Case Management

Mental Health Services in the Aspen Mine Center in Cripple Creek

Our Client Case Management Program is your first stop. Welcome to compassion, commitment and a light at the end of your tunnel.