Victor Elks Lodge 367 and Aspen Mine Center Build Wheelchair Ramp for Vietnam Veteran

On Saturday, April 9th, a group from the Victor Elks Lodge, in collaboration with the Aspen Mine Center Senior Advocacy Program, volunteered to work at a local Vietnam Veteran’s home.  The project was to get the home prepped so it could accommodate a ramp.  This project was much needed, due to the fact the Veteran has been unable to leave the home since the beginning of COVID.  During the pandemic, Mr. Sidonio stayed in to stay well.  This had a detrimental effect on his health.  He went from being able to use the City shuttle independently to being confined to the wheelchair.  He desperately needed to be seen by doctors and physical therapists, but could not leave his home in the wheelchair, due to the egress being stairs. A ramp was ordered, but a widened sidewalk, demo of a retaining wall, and grading needed to happen in order to get the ramp installed.
Shanon and ER Stanley Conley, Clark and Misty Easton, PER Sheldon Bennett and Bubby Conley assisted with the project.  Mini excavator was donated by Mr. Bennett.  The dump trailer was donated by Bubby Conley.  All took part with the labor.
Mr. Sidonio had stated that he really didn’t want to live anymore prior to the repairs, but now wants to live to be 100 and have a barbecue to thank all the volunteers!

The following week Mr. Sidonio was easily able to get to his scheduled appointments.  He plans to have a barbecue to thank all the volunteers.

By Donna Brazill