Licensing Exam Assistance

In 2018, I completed my Masters of Social Work Degree with the goal of getting my license to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I spent 2 years trying to accomplish all the requirements of the state. The last challenge was paying to take the Colorado State Licensing Exam which was $260.00. I was working as an intern and did not have the funding to pay for the exam. I was told to contact the Adult Education Center (ACE) and speak with Denise. The staff at the ACE was amazing. The intake process was simple, and I was approved within a week. I scheduled a time to meet with Annie at the ACE location and she was so supportive and helpful. I was nervous about taking the exam, but Denise encouraged me. I completed my exam on June 5th and scored 86 %.

If it was not for the staff at the Adult Education Center, I would not have been able to complete this lifelong goal of mine.

– E.V.E.

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