A Good Ending That Gets Even Better

                    Success Story #1: A Good Ending That Gets Even Better

Early this year, a senior gentleman and his wife came into AMC to see Nancy Hartsfield, our Senior Advisor. He was seeking a gas voucher. We help folks out from time to time by giving them car fuel for emergencies or other difficulties. As part of our process when meeting a new client, Nancy had him fill out some general paperwork for our files — contact info, nature of request for assistance, and so forth.

Turned out this couple live off the grid on land they own in a rural spot outside of Cripple Creek. The voucher wasn’t for their car; it was for the gas generator they use that provides electrical power to their home. Which was indeed critical, because the man has health problems requiring him to be on oxygen 24/7. In chatting further, Nancy realized that he might need a different type of oxygen machine than he was now using, especially useful during nighttime sleeping hours. After providing the voucher, Nancy went to work to see how we could help further.

Nancy and the client teamed up to research the new machine and costs. The unit cost several thousand dollars. The client said to Nancy, “I’m willing to pay for some of the cost, I just can’t pay it all.” A deal with monthly payments was worked out with the oxygen company. AMC paid the first month’s charge and for additional needed machine equipment. The new oxygen unit has worked wonders for him.

Here’s the kicker to this story. Some time later, the couple reappeared with a letter they had received from the Carpenters Union which they didn’t understand. The letter mentioned a small pension was available but showed no amount. In reading the letter, Nancy also caught the word “annuity”.

She called the union and was told an annuity existed from wage deductions taken during the client’s working years. The union rep told Nancy the annuity’s value. After taxes, it amounted to an amazing $11,000. Nancy looked at her clients, smiled broadly and said to them, “Congratulations! You just hit the jackpot!” When Nancy told them what they were due to receive, there was a shocked silence. Then they both cried.

The couple are using the money for home repairs and upgrades that will happily continue to keep them off the grid and quite comfortable. When he was a little younger, the husband had brought his skills to the Aspen Mine Center and volunteered on numerous occasions. What a wonderful thrill it was for us to now help those who had helped us so much in the past.