I Am So Amazed At The Sounds I Now Hear

In 2024, Nancy Harstsfield, our Senior Advocacy Manager, helped her client Carol obtain hearing aids. Carol remarked:
“I picked up my hearing aids last week and I am so amazed at the sounds I now hear.”
“You all have blessed me in so many ways.”
– Carol
Carol also stated she appreciated all the hard work we did and was thankful for our partnership with Storehouse Ministries and Hope Lives Here.
The National Institute of Health, in a March 2022 study, observed: “Older adults with hearing loss have difficulties during conversation with others because an elevated auditory threshold reduces speech intelligibility, especially in noisy environments. Listening and comprehension often become exhausting tasks for hearing-impaired elders, resulting in social isolation and depression.”  And concluded:  “Hearing aids rehabilitation resulted in improved speech intelligibility in competing noise, and a significant reduction in cognitive and psychosocial fatigue and listening effort in conversation. Vitality was also improved and a significant reduction in the Cognitive Failures Questionnaire scores was observed. Findings from the study indicate that the use of hearing aids in older impaired-listeners provide them not only with an increased auditory function but also with a reduction in listening-related fatigue and mindedness.