Nursing Tuition Assistance

I am a single mom living in Teller County. After the Cripple Creek Care Center closed its doors in
June of 2022, I decided to advance my career and go back to school for a nursing degree. After
I started my first semester, I ran into a problem with paying for some of my tuition. I went to the
Aspen Mine Center for some guidance/help on how to pay for my balance and met with Denise
who is a part of the adult education center. After talking with her and an interview with Anne,
they were able to help me with paying the full balance of what I owed. I am truly grateful for this
program as I wouldn’t have been able to continue going to school to earn my degree without
paying this off by the next semester. I am currently passing my classes with A grades. I can not thank
Denise Wilson and Anne Durham enough. This program is truly a lifesaver and I recommend
anyone who is interested in furthering their education to go talk to these ladies and get you
headed on the path to success.