Veldean Myers

Veldean Myers

Executive Assistant


Ext. 118

Veldean Myers can be found at the Aspen Mine Center working in Financial Services. It was with great delight that Veldean joined the Community of Caring Foundation in December of 2004 with a Title V Delinquency Prevention Program Sub-grant courtesy of Gold Belt Communities Build A Generation and Community of Caring that focused on research, plan development, and advocacy for housing, healthcare and mental health issues/needs in Teller County. From that time forward, Veldean has been on the data track of the ever-growing foundation. Behind the scene, rewarding numbers and stories continue to bless her mightily each day at the center as she counts the success of Community of Caring’s staff in mitigating risk factors and providing a continuum of care for clients’ challenges.

Growing up in Cripple Creek and graduating from CC-V High School, Veldean worked in local restaurants including the Red Lantern and did bookkeeping at the Cripple Creek Nursing Home (now St. Nicholas Hotel). She was appointed for the 1976-1977 term as City Clerk & Treasurer for the City of Victor, was Bison Reservoir Caretaker from 1988-1991, Property Assessment/Data Collector for Teller County Assessor’s Office, Office Manager/ Appraiser for Schalk Real Estate Company, Information Specialist II with EPA Records Center in Denver, and elected Victor City Council Member 2007-2015.  Her daughter and son were raised in Victor, Colorado. There she continues to reside in her home of 44 years with her favorite husband, Kirk, woodsman extraordinaire; and Pepper Jean, their dog.

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