Terry Smith

Terry Smith

Marketing & External Relations

E-mail: terry@aspenminecenter.org

Serving Community of Caring/Aspen Mine Center in the areas of Marketing and External Relations, Terry describes the nature of his position as “a delightful multi-personality mix of resident maniac and down-to-earth hunter-gatherer of information either pertinent or playful, followed by extended periods with head in the clouds coaxing my muse into revealing the best way for me to convey what needs to be said.”

Terry’s marketing and advertising background includes six-plus years as Creative Director of an advertising agency and twenty more years of creative endeavors on behalf of his own company. His specialties include all forms of print media, graphic design, audio-video conceptions/production/direction (radio and TV commercials, special projects, slideshow presentations, audiobooks), and original music works (writing, arranging and recording studio production of jingles and background music).

In his free time, he relishes good books, fine films, spirited walks through the woods with his ever-active rescue pooch (a faithful but headstrong companion), music of many kinds, guitar jamming sessions with music buddies, soaking up and living in the exquisite beauty of the Rocky Mountains, adventures and good times with friends old and new, and always the love, sharing and priceless memories generated by an amazingly warm and superbly talented family.

Being a seeker of spontaneous fun and satisfaction, it’s easy to see why having to write his own biography as a “must-do” for this website didn’t have a prayer of making the cut for his favorite things to-do list.  Everything else here at the Community of Caring/Aspen Mine Center is simply fabulous.

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