Nancy Ashley

Nancy Ashley

Hi, I am Nancy, the new receptionist at AMC East. I am deeply grateful and I feel blessed to be a part of an organization I have long admired and supported.

I grew up in Chipita Park and graduated from Manitou Springs High School. I went to college at Fort Lewis in Durango and received my paralegal certificate from the University of Southern Colorado. I worked for law firms in Montrose and Ouray, Colorado for over 23 years before moving back to the Colorado Springs area. Thereafter, I started a career with the 4th and 1st Judicial Districts of the State of Colorado. In March of this year, I resigned from that career after 23 years. In the 1st Judicial District (Jefferson County), I was the D&N (Dependency and Neglect) Specialist working specifically for 6 judges clerking both D&N cases and domestic cases. In the 4th Judicial District (El Paso and Teller Counties), I was the judicial assistant to many District Court Judges and some County Court Judges. Most of my knowledge and expertise was in District Court cases. I was the District Court Probate Registrar for Teller County. All that being said, I do not give legal advice! 🙂

I am single. I have one sister and two brothers. I enjoy spending time with my beloved cat, Siena, and my family. I am a very devoted Spiritualist Christian.

It is my deepest desire to do God’s will and to be of service to others when and where I am able.

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