Lisa McDonald

Lisa McDonald

Online Developer


Lisa McDonald has held the Online Development position at the Aspen Mine Center since October of 2021. Lisa updates the website, calendar of events and other duties as needed. Lisa’s relationship with the Aspen Mine Center goes back to 2007 when she started attending various support groups, weekly lunches and volunteering.

Lisa spent the first 5 years of her life in Colorado Springs and Palmer Lake. Lisa’s family then moved to Charlotte, NC where she grew up. In 1967 her parents opened McDonald Art Gallery where Lisa spent time from first grade on after school helping her mother straighten pictures, putting out newly arrived pottery and other small jobs at the gallery.
This was the foundation for her career as a graphic designer.

Lisa spent the first part of her career working for printing companies in the typesetting department working with sales teams. When computers became more popular in business she branched out to multi-page magazines in QuarkXpress
and InDesign and designing ads. She also has extensive experience in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Lisa has a post graduate degree in Graphic Design from Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA and a two-year degree in
Website design from North Metro Tech in Acworth, GA.

Lisa enjoys being outdoors, feeding the birds and being with her animals.