Hank Nelson

Hank Nelson

Employment Specialist/Client Services Assistant

E-mail: HankNelson@elpasoco.com

Ext. 121

Hank Nelson came to Colorado in 1984 from Chicago, Illinois. He lived in Colorado Springs and worked in Denver for 16 years as a painter. He retired in 2001 and later joined the AARP SCSEP senior program covering the front range. After having several work assignments in the Springs, they sent him up to Divide because he had relocated there. Thankfully, he would not have to travel to the Springs every day. That assignment was with the satellite office of the Pikes Peak Workforce Center.

A year later, about 2002, the Workforce moved to the Aspen Mine Center in Cripple Creek and represent all of Teller County. Eventually he became manager of the Piked Peak Workforce Center at the Aspen Mine Center as the other two employees were transitioned to work from the Colorado Spring’s center. He has also worked as a Client Services Specialist for the Community of Caring. Hank has been able to successfully apply the interviewing, recruiting, and HR skills he developed while working for a major manufacturing company in Chicago, Illinois. He has been at the Community of Caring / Aspen Mine Center “forever.”

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