Denise Wilson

Denise Wilson

Teller County Job Coach


(719) 663-9368

Denise “Gutierrez” Wilson has been with the Community of Caring / Aspen Mine Center since June of 2016. She started doing community service and after becoming a believer in the mission of the Community of Caring, began volunteering for almost a year. She became invaluable to the staff and a position was created specifically for her as the Assistant to the Director of Client Services. Denise continued to excel at her job, becoming their resident “Wonder Woman,” resulting in continued training and promotions. Denise has served as the Front Desk Reception & Client Services Specialist and now serves as the Teller County Job Coach with the Pike Peak Workforce Center.

Denise is a dedicated parent and very passionately involved with her community. She graduated from Cripple Creek-Victor High School in 2008, with continued education and certifications for her position. Although she faced many challenges growing up, she survived, and continues to thrive because of her dedication, resilience, and support of the Community of Caring. She is a committed member of the Community of Caring / Aspen Mine Center family and plans to continue to grow and serve the people of Teller County.

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